Prostanol Side Effects

Prostanol Side Effects – What Are Prostanol Side Effects?

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Enlarged prostate is a condition referring to the abnormal growth of the prostate gland. This gland is located beneath the bladder and drapes around the urethra, the tube where urine passes. When the prostate grows unusually larger than normal, it tends to squeeze the urethra, becoming an obstruction for urine to pass. There are no concrete answers as to what exactly causes this growth. As for the treatment of prostate enlargement, it may be through medications or through surgery.

In the event where the urethra is squeezed, several problems which are related to micturition arises. The most common symptom of this problem may include urinary incontinence, nocturia or the need to go urinate at night, dysuria or painful urination, hematuria or blood in the urine, usually caused by infections, and bladder distention, or the condition where the bladder becomes thicker than usual. When these problems are not treated soon, it may eventually lead to renal failure.

Although there is not one concrete answer as to what causes this problem, studies say that there are factors to be considered to be aggravating derivatives for prostate enlargement. Factors such as age, heredity, lifestyle, testicular health, and hormonal functions are some of the considered derivatives. To begin with, the growth of the gland is considered to be normal in all men, the prostate starts growing as men hit the age of puberty and gradually continues to grow as they age.

Studies state that men who are between fifty and seventy are at risk in developing enlarged prostates. This group of men is also more susceptible in developing conditions involving their testicles and hormones as well. Also, men who have made unhealthy choices when they were young, and continue to do so as they age, are also at risk in developing abnormally large prostates.

Prostanol is a product from VitalMax Vitamins was designed by Dr. Al Sears, an advocate for the use of natural health products for men. Dr. Sears does an excellent job designing men’s health supplements. Prostanol scored better than most of the products in lab reports. Prostanol uses an 85% extract of saw palmetto and had 20mg of beta-sitosterol, and provides 266% of the RDA of Zinc. Surprised pygeum is not present in the formula.

Prostanol uses a proprietary blend called Phytosin, which contains 45mg of Campesterol, Beta-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Sitostanol and Brassicasterol.