New Chapter Prostate 5LX Saw Palmetto Softgels 120-count

New Chapter Prostate 5LX Saw Palmetto Softgels 120-count – Does New Chapter Prostate 5LX Saw Palmetto Softgels 120-count Work?

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Benign prostatic hypertrophy or BPH is a condition wherein the prostate grows into an abnormally large size. It is considered to be one of the most common diseases that affect men who are in their forties or so. Clinical indicant of this condition ranges from mildly irritating symptoms to severe problems such as urinary retention and kidney failure, and treatment may include lifestyle changes, use of dietary supplements like New Chapter Prostate 5LX saw palmetto softgels 120-count, and pharmacological methods.

Several factors including natural aging of men, dysfunctions of the nerves which are located in the prostate area, inflammation of the prostate caused by endotoxins, and hormonal imbalances are said to contribute greatly in the manifestation of the said symptoms. Some medical researchers consider genetic endowment as another contributory component but this has yet to be studies further.

Many of the symptoms of BPH are said to have originate from urethral obstructions and function loss of the bladder. Some of these are urine dribbling, nocturia or the need to get up and urinate at night, ischuria or urine retention, weak urine stream, and dysuria or pain during urination. When this continues to be untreated, it may lead to severe symptoms like urine backflow, total urethral obstruction, and kidney failure. These severe conditions will eventually lead to death if not immediately treated.

New Chapter Prostate 5LX saw palmetto softgels 120-count is an herbal supplement that helps support and maintains the well-being of the prostate gland. This supplement offers a unique blend of herbs including saw palmetto, ginger, selenium, and rosemary. Each herb plays a role in prostate protection, from promoting healthy prostate function and urine flow to naturally modulating the inflammatory enzyme 5-lipoxygenase.

The herbs used in New Chapter Prostate 5LX saw palmetto softgels 120-count are properly extracted and blended in the correct proportions to promote prostate health. While each herb has its individual strengths, combined they make for the ideal, single prostate-protection supplement. Saw palmetto is an herb that supports health of the urinary tract by improving urinary flow, while green tea offers a broad range of prostate-supportive phytonutrients. Stinging nettle helps promote a healthy inflammation response and support prostate function.