Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support Review

Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support Review – Does Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support Work?

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The symptoms of benign prostate enlargement (BPE) can also called lower urinary tract (LUTS) symptoms. During BPE, the prostate gland enlarges thus causing symptoms that are all related to problems in urination. This is due to the narrowing of the urethra during the enlargement of the prostate gland. If the urethra is narrowed, it will obstruct the flow of urine and will cause symptoms like:

  1. Poor stream of urine. The urine flow becomes weaker and it will take longer for the bladder to get emptied.
  2. Hesitancy to clear bladder. There is a strong urge to urinate but when you are in the toilet it will always takes a while before the urine starts flowing.
  3. Dribbling of urine when passing and before ending.
  4. Poor emptying of the bladder. It is a feeling that you may have not totally emptied your bladder.
  5. Frequency of urges to urinate.

The first thing that a person needs to know about Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support is that this product is a nutritional organic supplement for prostate problems and is not a prescribed drug for immediate treatment. This supplement is made from herbs and other natural ingredients that you won’t be worrying on its side effects or addictive properties. This product is safe to use when taken with proper doses.

Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support is composed of potent ingredients like herbs, minerals; vitamins and extracts of saw palmetto, pygeum africanum and nettle root. These extract acts as soothing nutrients which also aid in promoting the health of prostate tissues and improve the urinary function. Other ingredients such as black pepper extracts, pumpkin oil and lycopene have antioxidant properties which are good for the body.

Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support also contains selenium and zinc which also have high levels of antioxidants. Vitamin E which is also found in Mercola Prostate & Bladder Support can neutralize and protect the prostate tissues from free radicals as well as prevents them from getting damaged.

HP8 Herbal Prostate Review

HP8 Herbal Prostate Review – Does HP8 Herbal Prostate Work?

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Prostate enlargement is an unavoidable result of aging. Increased in the growth of cells in the prostate gland typically takes place when men get to the age of 40. When the prostate gland increases its size, it will eventually squeeze in the urethra, thus causing the contraction of the bladder even if it is empty. This will result into symptoms like frequent urges to urinate and thin urine flowing.

Since the condition has been confirmed in men, benign prostatic hyperplasia treatment has been investigated and recommended to patients. There are health care specialists that suggest taking no necessary action until the symptoms improve. Symptoms which are milder just tend to stop even if with no treatment involved. If it gets worst, your health care specialist may suggest that you will take some prescribed drugs or dome other treatment options. A surgery called “transurethral resection of the prostate” is performed when prostate enlargement is at its worst stage.

HP8 Herbal Prostate is an example of an organic supplement which is designed to aid individuals with prostate problems like prostate inflammation and benign prostatic hyperplasia. This products website has been high informative and they also talk about prostate problems which is related to aging. That is why many consumers have patronized this product. However, one problem about their website is the details of the product itself.

HP8 Herbal Prostate is manufactured to stringent pharmaceutical industry standards at an Australian Government GMP licensed facility, ensuring quality, potency and purity. Each ingredient is carefully selected and tested to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and effectiveness. HP8 Herbal Prostate contains free fatty acids from saw palmetto and provides a daily dose of 200 mcg of selenium, essential for the maintenance of healthy prostate function.

HP8 Herbal Prostate lacks some additional ingredients which are needed to cure prostate problems. It lacks many compounds that I believe are useful in aiding prostate problem. Another problem about HP8 Herbal Prostate is it is unreasonably overpriced because it only contains very few ingredients. One bottle of this organic supplement costs about $40 which a person can consume in a month. 1 month sounds cheap but if you try to consider about its long term expense. Remember that you won’t be cured in just a month. It more time to get over the condition especially if the ingredients are limited.

Prostate Herbal Supplements Reviews

Prostate Herbal Supplements Reviews – What Is The Best Prostate Herbal Supplements Available In The Market?

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The prostate is a small gland located beneath the bladder, and may only be found in men. The role of this gland has something to do with urination and reproduction. As men ages, their prostates increase in size. During this process, the gland is at a high risk in getting infected causing swelling. When this happens, men will tend to urinate more often than usual.

Having enlarged prostates have become a common problem in men over the years. Doctors say that a possible cause for this is the accumulation of DTH, a substance released by testosterone. This substance is said to trigger growth of cells, also, when men have higher estrogen levels, the gland tends to grow more rapidly.

There are several treatments for this condition, and one of them is prostate herbal supplements. The use of herbal components to treat certain conditions has long been practiced by many and has been proven to be as effective as yet safer than the traditional medications. There are other several herbs used to treat enlarged prostates, however, there are two herbs which are proven to be effective.

Pygeum africanum or African plum trees is said to be effective prostate herbal supplements. This herb works by decreasing signs of inflammation and also said to improve sexual health.  Its components such as phytosterols, tannins, ferulic acid and other substances are said to reduce the chemical process of androgen.

Saw palmetto is one of the most used herbs for treating enlarged prostates. As a natural diuretic, tonic and anti- inflammatory, it helps promote health in the urinary tract by boosting the functions of the tissues that are surrounding the area. According to several studies, using saw palmetto prostate herbal supplements also helps by decreasing the body’s function of converting testosterone to a substance that stimulates prostate growth, known as dihydrotestosterone.

These two herbs have been proven to reduce the symptoms of enlarged prostates naturally. Though they may seem to be safe to take, doctors say that there may be potential side effects alongside taking these herbs, especially for people who are suffering from other conditions besides swollen prostates.

They say that despite the fact that these specific treatments claim to have minimal to no side effects, men should be careful about the possible effects of these treatments since not all of them work the same as the other. Which is why considering a doctor’s help is wiser than self treating. Doctors will be able to inform you about potential side effects from these herbs and will educate you as well about its proper dosages. This will help you prevent any problems from happening.

GNC Prostate Formula Reviews

GNC Prostate Formula Reviews – Does GNC Prostate Formula Work?

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Benign Prostate Enlargement (BPE) is also known as the enlargement of the prostate gland or benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is defined as the noncancerous growth in surrounding tissues of the prostate gland which can block the urine from flowing thru the urethra thus making urination uncomfortable and difficult. BPE usually occur in men in the later age of 50, but as men gets older, chances of experiencing the symptoms also gets higher. Men with BPE who reaches the age of 80 are more likely to experience more symptoms than to those younger than him. Benign Prostate Enlargement must not be relating to cancer. BPE does NOT put a man at risk in developing Prostate Cancer. There is no clinical evidence for that.

There are many signs and symptoms related to BPE. But the early signs and symptoms that you should be aware of are:

  1. Frequent urges to urinate or clear the bladder.
  2. Sleeping disturbances and getting up at night just to clear the bladder.
  3. Dribbling of the urine stream.
  4. Blood in the urine.

GNC Prostate Formula is a natural supplement made for men suffering from symptoms like frequent urges to urinate, inability to sleep or inability to do normal activities. The main cause of these symptoms is prostate enlargement. Other symptoms may include inflammation, pain and decrease libido.

GNC Prostate Formula as presented to be an alternative to prescription drugs is said to aid all these troubling symptoms by the use of organic and plant-derived ingredients. GNC Prostate Formula combines saw palmetto with powerful antioxidants, selenium and lycopene to help support optimal prostate health and normal urinary flow.

Prostate Forte Review

Prostate Forte Review – Does Prostate Forte Work?

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Prostate Forte is targeted toward males searching to resolve problems surrounding their enlarged prostates. The number of males who are suffering prostate problems within their fifties is confounding, and a number of these males are searching to supplement their own health with non-prescription formulas which have minimal to no unwanted effects.

Regrettably, many males will ignore their prostate problems until they achieve an amount of utmost discomfort. A number of these males are not aware that herbal medicines might help them with their fight, and think that they are restricted to prescription medications.

Naturally, a dose of Beta-Sitosterol continues to be put into the Prostate Forte formula. Beta-Sitosterol has been utilized in numerous prostate formulas because of its presumed effects on enhancing the prostate restore its health, in addition to reducing signs and symptoms of enlarged prostates. Males may feel discomfort throughout peeing, frequent visits to the bathroom, and difficulty peeing. They are all common problems once the prostate becomes bigger than it needs to be. Numerous studies have linked Beta-Sitosterol to helping with these signs and symptoms, aiding males within the battle to live normal, healthy lives.

Zinc is also one of the most typical elements in such supplements. It is essential to a lot of different bodily processes, and also the prostate holds a lot of zinc. The recommended dosage is two pills every day, with one taken each morning and one during the night. Males might want to drive them with food with a complete glass of water to avoid possible mild nausea or upset stomach.

If this involves an enlarged prostate, you need to do something and also to seize control of the condition. You are able to decelerate as well as stop your prostate from going to develop; you will be giving a little extra protection against cancer of the prostate. All in all, these steps can produce a large, large alteration in your quality of being afterwards.

Prostate Forte consists of the most significant prostate herbal treatments and nutrition recognized to support optimal prostate health. If this involves your wellbeing, there is no better method to provide your body with the additional nutrition you will need. While you age, your own body’s levels of the vital nutrition needed for prostate function continues to decrease, so supporting your prostate with  a prostate support supplement such as Prostate Forte is much more essential as you get older.

Prostate Blend SP-16 Reviews

Prostate Blend SP-16 Reviews – Does Prostate Blend SP-16 Work?

Don’t Be A Statistic, Take The Quiz To Discover Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer Now!

The prostate is a gland in men that is situated beneath the bladder and surrounds the urethra. It is responsible for producing fluids that help protect the sperm. When a man ejaculates, the prostate also releases this fluid towards the urethra and is excreted together with semen. Normally, this gland grows up to the size of a walnut as men age, however there are instances wherein the gland grows to a size bigger than it should be. There is no exact answer as to why this happens, and just like for most conditions, its treatment may include medications and surgeries, however, there are some who seek for ways to reduce enlarged prostate naturally.

When the prostate grows into a size larger than it should be, it will start pushing against the urethral walls, becoming an obstruction to the tube where urine passes during urination. There may be several problems to arise when that happens, generally with how men excrete their urine, therefore causing the symptoms of enlarged prostate. Some of the common symptoms seen in men who acquire enlarged prostates may include urinary incontinence, bladder distention, urinary tract infection and other urinary disruptions or problems. When such symptoms are already beginning to show, it should be treated immediately, either with medications or methods to reduce enlarged prostate naturally.

Prostate Blend SP-16 claims to fight prostate problems right at its source, by treating benign prostatic hypertrophy, the main cause behind prostate inflammation and urinary problems.

Prostate Blend SP-16 contains numerous ingredients that fight BPH, but the difference here is the ingredients are all-natural and non-stimulant, which safely and effectively eliminate BPH.

Prostate Blend SP-16 ingredients:

  • Saw Palmetto berry
  • Pumpkin seed
  • Cornsilk
  • Parsley
  • Ginger root
  • Nettle root

Solaray began in 1973 as a pioneer in formulating and marketing blended herbal products with complementary effects. By 1984, Solaray became a full line manufacturer, carrying not only the highest quality herbs, but also a full line of vitamins, minerals and specialty products.  With over 900 products, Solaray is one of the most comprehensive supplement brands in the industry.

Prostanol Side Effects

Prostanol Side Effects – What Are Prostanol Side Effects?

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Enlarged prostate is a condition referring to the abnormal growth of the prostate gland. This gland is located beneath the bladder and drapes around the urethra, the tube where urine passes. When the prostate grows unusually larger than normal, it tends to squeeze the urethra, becoming an obstruction for urine to pass. There are no concrete answers as to what exactly causes this growth. As for the treatment of prostate enlargement, it may be through medications or through surgery.

In the event where the urethra is squeezed, several problems which are related to micturition arises. The most common symptom of this problem may include urinary incontinence, nocturia or the need to go urinate at night, dysuria or painful urination, hematuria or blood in the urine, usually caused by infections, and bladder distention, or the condition where the bladder becomes thicker than usual. When these problems are not treated soon, it may eventually lead to renal failure.

Although there is not one concrete answer as to what causes this problem, studies say that there are factors to be considered to be aggravating derivatives for prostate enlargement. Factors such as age, heredity, lifestyle, testicular health, and hormonal functions are some of the considered derivatives. To begin with, the growth of the gland is considered to be normal in all men, the prostate starts growing as men hit the age of puberty and gradually continues to grow as they age.

Studies state that men who are between fifty and seventy are at risk in developing enlarged prostates. This group of men is also more susceptible in developing conditions involving their testicles and hormones as well. Also, men who have made unhealthy choices when they were young, and continue to do so as they age, are also at risk in developing abnormally large prostates.

Prostanol is a product from VitalMax Vitamins was designed by Dr. Al Sears, an advocate for the use of natural health products for men. Dr. Sears does an excellent job designing men’s health supplements. Prostanol scored better than most of the products in lab reports. Prostanol uses an 85% extract of saw palmetto and had 20mg of beta-sitosterol, and provides 266% of the RDA of Zinc. Surprised pygeum is not present in the formula.

Prostanol uses a proprietary blend called Phytosin, which contains 45mg of Campesterol, Beta-Sitosterol, Stigmasterol, Sitostanol and Brassicasterol.

Prosta-Metto Saw Palmetto Complex Review

Prosta-Metto Saw Palmetto Complex Review – Does Prosta-Metto Saw Palmetto Complex Work?

Don’t Be A Statistic, Take The Quiz To Discover Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer Now!

Enlarged prostate refers to the condition wherein the prostate grows more than its normal size. Most references say that the normal size of a prostate is about the size of a walnut and weighs from thirty to fifty grams. However, men who develop enlarged prostates will have their weigh fifty to a hundred grams, almost twice the size of a normal one.

There is no exact answer as to what causes this problem but there are factors considered to increase a man’s chances of developing the condition. Also, treating this problem may be done through several methods including the use of herbal supplements like Prosta-Metto Saw Palmetto Complex.

The growth of the prostate is normal in men. As they reach their puberty age, the prostate starts to grow gradually. Studies have stated that the event where the prostate grows unusually bigger than normal occurs in men who are above their sixties or so. They say that men who are in their seventies are more prone to experiencing excessive nodule proliferation than those who are younger. If the prostate grows more than it should, there will be problems regarding how a man excretes his wastes, specifically urine.

Since it involves older men, the treatment for this condition is a little bit risky. Men who are older are more prone to developing secondary conditions, and mistreating the condition may only make the problem worse than it is. However, there are doctors who trust the efficacy and safety of herbal supplements for this group of men. Since treatment always depends on how the person will be able to handle it, it is a bit safe to say that the use of herbs for treating older people are far more safer than using medications or getting surgeries.

Prosta-Metto Saw Palmetto Complex softgels deliver 160 mg of standardized Saw Palmetto to support prostate and urinary health in men. Saw Palmetto is an extract derived from the berry of the Saw Palmetto tree and is the leading herb for men’s health. This formulation also includes Pumpkin Seed Oil and Uva-Ursi, traditional ingredients for men’s health, plus Zinc for the immune system.

However, no matter how safe it seems to be, doctors should first be consulted before taking Prosta-Metto Saw Palmetto Complex, to ensure that there would not be any unwanted effects from taking them.

Prostadvance Review

Prostadvance Reviews – Does Prostadvance Work?

Don’t Be A Statistic, Take The Quiz To Discover Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer Now!

Enlarged prostate is a condition wherein the prostate grows up to fifty percent more than its normal size. With this condition, the cells that make up the prostate grow in number making it bigger than normal. This will become an obstruction to the urethra where urine passes through. When this happens, the urinary function of men will be disrupted and will make the bladder become more sensitive and thicker, leading to more serious complications with regards to bladder functions. The etiology of this condition remains uncertain however there are various factors that are said to increase the development of this condition. There are several methods used for treating this condition and it includes the use of herbal supplements like Prostadvance.

The most common symptoms of enlarged prostate may include mild symptoms such as recurrent headaches, back pain which is usually felt in the lower portion, abdominal pain, and frequent urination. Moderate symptoms may include urgency to urinate, dribbling of urine, nocturia or the need to urinate at night, and weak urine stream. Severe symptoms, which are rarely seen, may include inability to empty the bladder, bladder infections, and renal failure.

The treatment for this condition will usually depend on what the patient needs, wants, the probable cause of the condition and the patient’s overall health status. There are several ways in treating an enlarged prostate. Besides the use of medications, some doctors may also prescribe herbal supplements. This may include the use of herbs such as tomatoes, pumpkin seeds, and saw palmetto. These may be taken as is or through supplementation. As for more severe cases of enlarged prostate, surgery may be required.

Prostadvance is an all-natural formula combining the benefits of Saw Palmetto berries and Lycopene, it also includes botanical extracts, nutrients and unextracted, whole plant ingredients that work together to support healthy prostate function and protect prostate health.

Lycopene inhibit the growth of prostatic cells which are responsible for its growth. Saw palmetto on the other hand helps reduce the size of the prostate through components such as phytosterols. It also works effectively as an anti- inflammatory agent. Pumpkin seeds work by blocking the production of certain testosterone metabolite that is also responsible for the growth of the prostate. Some studies say that combining saw palmetto with other herbal extracts such as lycopene and that of pumpkin seeds are more effective than taking saw palmetto alone. This potent formula not only helps reduce the size of the prostate but also helps prevent the enlargement of the prostate from reoccurring.

Before planning on using Prostadvance, it is best to seek a doctor’s help. They will be giving patients other options as treatment for the condition and help patients decide which treatment is better for them and their condition. There may be no noted side effects in using natural products; however, it may also alter some functions of medications a person may be taking.

Natural Factors Saw Palmetto With Lycopene Review

Natural Factors Saw Palmetto With Lycopene Review – Does Natural Factors Saw Palmetto With Lycopene Work?

Don’t Be A Statistic, Take The Quiz To Discover Your Risk Of Prostate Cancer Now!

The precise cause of why the prostate increases in size is unknown, some considered the increase of cell count to be a factor, and some say it is because of the hormones triggering the enlargement of prostate. Once the prostate increases in size more complications are to follow like urinary tract infections and urinary retention.

Considering that many men are being affected by this condition, certain treatments are out in the market claiming to act as treatment for enlarged prostate, but because people look for cures that have no side effects, natural remedies like Natural Factors Saw Palmetto with Lycopene are considered.

One herb that is said to be most effective in treating and preventing the onset of enlarged prostate is Saw Palmetto. It is an extract from the fruit of the plant is said to be high in fatty acids and phytosterols. It is said that with the combination of these two, it acts as a very effective anti-inflammatory agent and prevents any hormonal damages. Some studies have shown that supplements which contain the plant’s extract added with isoflavones, which are commonly found in legumes are the more effective than consuming just saw palmetto.

Lycopene, another ingredient of Natural Factors Saw Palmetto with Lycopene, is a pigment that helps give red fruits and vegetables their color. It’s also one of the free radical-fighting antioxidants. Free radicals are damaging molecules that float around in the body disrupting cells and promoting disease. Antioxidants, such as lycopene, destroy free radicals so they can’t attach to your cells and wreak havoc on your hard-working immune system.

Although it has been proven that Natural Factors Saw Palmetto with Lycopene is safe to be consumed by anybody, it is still best to consult a doctor before trying it.