Prostate enlargement Chinese medicine

Prostate enlargement Chinese medicine – What are the best Chinese herbs for prostate enlargement?

Prostate Enlargement Chinese Medicine

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– About 233,000 new cases of prostate cancer will be diagnosed
– About 29,480 men will die of prostate cancer

About 1 man in 7 will be diagnosed with prostate cancer during his lifetime.

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Everyday thousands of men suffer from this terrible affliction, prostatitis which is inflammation of the prostate gland, causes severe pain and discomfort in men, some of the symptoms include painful and burning urination, pain and discomfort in the testes and in some cases very painful ejaculation.prostate enlargement chinese medicine

Doctors are quick to prescribe antibiotics and in most cases it helps short term but then the inflammation comes back with a vengeance. You go back to the doctor for more antibiotics or a stronger dose is used and the vicious cycle is repeated over and over again. Part of the problem is western medicine believes prostatitis is a bacterial infection and prostate enlargement Chinese medicine has a different belief.

When a person consumes to much antibiotics they actually can cause more harm than good, antibiotics do not discriminate on the type of bacteria that they kill, so they actually kill the good bacteria also known as flora, the good bacteria actually gives us a strong immune system, and most experts in the field of holistic medicine believe the immune system starts in the gut.

In prostate enlargement Chinese medicine also known as TCM for short, refers to prostatitis as a heat and dampness condition in the lower burner, which is the area from the belly button down to the groin area.

With a change of diet and a unique blend of herbs taken daily, one can eliminate the heat and dampness, and once that is eliminated, the inflammation and pain disappear. In another article I will describe what heat and dampness is in TCM and how we get it.

Subscribing to the prostate enlargement Chinese medicine philosophy of having flowing chi to maintain prostate health, massaging the prostate and its surrounding vicinity can promote increased blood flow and relaxing, softening and shrinking the prostate gland.

Noni plant extract, not limited to the fruit is not only known for its tumor suppressant properties, it works very fast. Patient that took significant amount of it experience an improvement as early as 10 days. Select a non-sweetened version whenever possible that have a high chance of maintaining its medicinal properties and extract from other parts of the tree as well.

Noni juice regulates blood circulation, prevent stagnant chi, and nitric oxide decreases prostate cancer growth by boosting the immune defense against dramatic replication of cells. Pregnant women and people with liver complication should not take noni juice.

Prostate enlargement Chinese medicine – What are the best Chinese herbs for prostate enlargement?

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