Prostaleaf Reviews

Prostaleaf Reviews

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Prostate enlargement is one of the most common dilemmas a man in his sixties may experience. This problem is not life threatening neither it is cancerous. However, if it is left untreated, it can lead into serious complications like bladder stones, kidney infection and damage. This condition is termed as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) in the field of medicine.

Treatment for this condition is determined by the severity of its symptoms. A thorough physical examination and blood tests must be performed in order to rule out if it is really BPH or if it has cancerous tissues in it. If BPH is ruled out, home remedies and prescribed drugs are advised. However, there will be a different approach if it is prostate cancer.

Natural remedies for enlarged prostate may include the use of organic supplements. Common forms of this kind of remedy are saw palmetto, lycopene, beta sitosterol, zinc and selenium. A diet which is riched in fiber is also recommended.

Prostaleaf dietary supplement was created to help in optimizing the function of the bladder. It is said to help men who are experiencing pain when urinating as well as other discomforts that are prostate-related.

Prostaleaf Ingredients:

  • Saw palmetto – Saw palmetto is very popular for its ability to support a healthier prostate. Saw Palmetto acts as a diuretic so that painful urination may be reduced.
  • Pygeum africanum – The extract powder relieves symptoms of BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Vitamin Complex – This is a mixture of vitamins B6 and E that can boost brain function and immune system, increase energy and prevent certain diseases such as chest pain, high blood pressure and infertility.
  • Zinc oxide – Zinc is a micronutrient that helps improve and increase blood flow in the body. It also promotes healthier urinary tract.
  • Selenium – Selenium is said to be helpful in preventing cancer of the prostate, although this has not been clinically proven yet.

Prostaleaf other ingredients include shitake mushroom powder, resihi mushroom, stinging nettle, tomato fruit, broccoli, and graviola leaf.

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