Brainergy-X reviews

Brainergy-X reviews – Does Brainergy-X work and any unwanted side effects?

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Brainergy-X is a top nootropic supplement designed to give fast results at an affordable price. The product promised to help clear up the everyday problems that are faced by all of us surrounding our mental ability. It is made by EVO-X, a company priding itself on delivering results for those who need them in way that is both reliable and affordable.

Bottles of Brainergy-X each contain 120 capsules. The product recommends taking 1-2 capsules each day, though the ingredients list notes 2 capsules as a standard dose. You are free to take this product at any time of the day that you may need increased energy and focus, but avoid taking within four hours of needing to sleep.

Brainergy-X is made by the company EVO-X Health Products. Their mission statement is EVO-X Health Products strives to deliver premium, safe, effective supplements to our customers in a cost effective manner. A fairly new company, it has done a good job establishing itself in the marketplace.

Information regarding its head staff, manufacturing facilities and reliable contact information are all readily available on their website and they seem to really stand behind their products in an admirable way. Along with Brainergy-X, they sell a few other products leaning mostly towards weight loss.

Brainergy-X contains a combination of B-Vitamins along with 1405mg of a “Synergistic Cognitive Compound” per two capsules.  This compound is a proprietary blend, meaning they list what is in the product, but the amounts of each. The B-Vitamins, also referred to as the energy vitamins, come in 5mg of vitamin B1, 2.5mg of vitamin B2, 20mg of vitamin B3, 5mg of vitamin B6, and 130mg of vitamin B12.

The synergistic cognitive blend contains a total of 1405mg of several different ingredients. Two of these are l-tyrosine and l-theanine, which are amino acids found in proteins. These amino acids are necessary for necessary brain function and can help improve energy and focus.

Along with this is ginko biloba and bacopa monnieri, which are both Asian herbs that have been used for centuries to help promote positive brain function, including memory, focus, and critical thinking skills. Rhodiola rosea is also included, which helps balance the function of the adrenal glands, which promotes natural energy production.

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